Cultural Rongkang

We use quality to build brand reputation


Located in the land of Qilu and the coast of the Bohai Sea, Shandong Kangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. is deeply influenced by Confucius and Mencius culture. It regards “Daxiao Culture” as the foundation of Rongkang culture and runs through the production management of enterprises. We have the talents, the talents have the "use of talents" concept; "integrity and compliance, customer-oriented, effective control, continuous improvement" business policy, and "strong sense of competition, conscious law-abiding concept, solid Work style, collaborative team spirit" as the company's code of conduct; lead by example, take the lead in the standard, give meritorious deeds, fair competition, necessary authorization, effective monitoring, care for subordinates, heart-to-heart, effective incentives, performance management as a team building The essence; let all the staff understand the way of gratitude, and always with a grateful attitude, into the product design, production and manufacturing, to ensure that every link, every component is perfect, truly do the products with conscience, win with word of mouth market.
At the same time, we always adhere to the "integrity and compliance, customer-oriented" business philosophy, operating with sincerity, cherish the promise of gold, and strive to build a "good faith" business card, always consider the customer, with excellent products and perfect after-sales service to win Customers, win the market, and constantly improve the credibility and reputation of the products. We have won the honorary title of national-level contract and trustworthy enterprise, China Customs AA credit rating enterprise, and China Agricultural Bank AAA credit rating enterprise.